GK6 Pioneer

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Included in the box:
1x GK6 main board
1x GK6 plate
1x GK6 case
1x GK6 XDA keyset (63x 1U, 2x 2U)
10x M3x6 screws
4x rubber feets
1x USB C to USB A cable
1x Switches puller
1x Quickstart guide
2x Gizmo Engineering stickers
GK6 comes semi-assembled, no soldering needed. You will need to install the switches in the hot-swap sockets, mount the keyset, and plug it in.

Select Switches:

You will need 60 Cherry MX compatible switches, to assemble the keyboard.
The current lead time for the GK6 is two weeks. 0

Note: matching custom cables are available from Khor.

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