3/4 view of Gizmo Engineering GK6 Yellow Mellow keyboard

GK6 Yellow Mellow

GK6, premium ortholinear mechanical keyboard for professionals

A keyboard you can trust

    We designed the GK6 for professionals. The compact dimensions and solid metal body ensure you can always rely on your favorite keyboard, whether working from home, in a coffee shop, in your office, or the middle of the desert.

    We used mechanical switches to provide a satisfying tactile feedback and the ergonomic ortholinear layout for improved typing efficiency. And if the default layout is not enough for you, you can easily customize it to your specific needs.

    Change the number of keys on the bottom row, add international characters and emoticons, or use complex macros to bootstrap your UI components. Whether you are drafting your next bestseller or coding your next start-up idea, the possibilities are endless, and GK6 will do it all with ease. (learn more)

    GK6 Keyboard


    Full RGB matrix, each key has its own RGB led

    GK6 RGB


    GK6 exploded viewGK6 dimensions view


    1. case: unibody machined aluminium, with Cerakote™ finish
    2. keys plate: laser cut steel plate, with Cerakote™ finish
    3. keycaps: PBT, XDA profile, sublimated legend
    4. dimensions: 250 ⨯ 116 ⨯ 31 mm
    5. weight: 810g


    1. Switches: work with most Cherry MX Compatible Switches
    2. RGB: each key has its own RGB led
    3. fully programmable thanks to the QMK firmware™
    4. connectivity: USB-C
    5. compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux
    6. each casing is marked with the progressive production number
    7. 2-year limited warranty
    8. Made in Italy

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